Erin Donoho

This summer my husband and I decided to purchase a new home and were told by the builder, “if you have a realtor – use them.” Tanya has been a lifelong friend of mine so I immediately thought of her and put her name down. I knew I could trust her with the sale of our home & to help with the purchase of our new one. I knew she would be fabulous, but she completely exceeded our expectations. She came into our first “official” meeting with a detailed timeline and game plan as well as reasoning for both. She had almost immediate answers for any questions my husband or I had throughout the process. Tanya also made sure that she navigated a plan B option before she even called us with any bad news. We were both blown away by her loyalty, tenacity and extreme professionalism. Tanya and her team excel at their jobs and go above and beyond for any client lucky enough to work with them.
— Erin Donoho
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