Reasons and tips to buy and sell before summer ends...

Dated: July 27 2021

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You may be wondering if you should buy or sell before the summer ends and school begins. Read our top reasons and tips on why and how to buy and sell now...

Reasons to Sell now

  1. Your house will likely sell quickly. (Most of the homes in our brokerage have gone under contract in one weekend!) 
    1. Worried about what to do if you sell and can’t find a home to buy? Read our previous blog to calm your fears!
  2. Although the number of homes listed on the market is increasing, it still is at a record low. This supply and demand helps homes sell quickly and for top dollar. Sell now before there are more listings on the rise.
  3. Buyers are willing to compete for your house. With multiple competitive offers, you will likely get top dollar for your home. 
  4. Home equity is on the rise with home values also appreciating, making it a good time to sell to maximize the return on your investment. The National Association of REALTORS® Chief Economist, Lawrence Yun, says “We’ve never seen price appreciation of this magnitude.” However, appreciation will begin to return to norms, so selling now will benefit you.

Tips for Selling

  1. Show off and improve home offices, kitchens, and outdoor entertaining spaces. These have all increased in importance due to lifestyle changes since COVID-19, including remote work.
  2. Make it market ready, update the home interior, perform maintenance and repairs, and paint where needed.
  3. Work on curb appeal, yard work, and landscaping.
  4. Clean and remove clutter and junk, make the home neutral, and remove bad smells.
  5. See our Preparing your home to sell and Showing and Selling Your Home with Kids for more helpful information. 

Reasons to Buy now

  1. Although the number of homes is still low, it is improving slowly with more inventory coming to the market. This gives more options and less competition, which could mean fewer bidding wars. However, we still have less inventory than the norm, so be patient in your search.
  2. Prices probably aren’t going to come down soon, however, experts say some buyers are backing off which should make it easier for there to be less competition and bidding.
  3. Mortgage loan rates are still quite low, making it a favorable time before they rise.

Tips for Buying

  1. Get pre-approved to make your offer more competitive.
  2. Make your offer stand out. Another way to put an appealing and competitive offer together is by working with one of our expert agents
  3. Our agents also have many ideas you may not have thought of if you are having trouble finding a home.

Bottom Line…

For Sellers: With supply challenges, mortgage rates still low, and extremely motivated buyers, it is still a great time to sell before the market changes to get top dollar for your home. See how much you could get for your Dallas-Fort Worth area home now

For Buyers: More listings give you more options and less competition. Plus, take advantage of low mortgage rates before they rise. Check out the Dallas-Fort Worth area listings now!

The final SCOOP:

Whether for real estate needs or fun, we are here to make everything “sweeter and cooler” for you. Join us at our Free Ice Cream event!

*Sources: Keeping Current Matters, Metrotex, Realtor Magazine,, VanEd

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