3 great things to end the Summer of 2020 with...

Dated: 07/30/2020

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3 great things to end the Summer of 2020 with...


Although the year of 2020 has brought challenges and disappointments to many, there are positives that we’d like to share with you. Here are three great things to look forward to, end the summer with, and start back to school on a positive note.

First, celebrate the end of summer by sprinkling on the fun with our safe drive-thru event for FREE ice cream cones!

Why? Because Ice Cream solves everything! Seriously, because we simply want to thank you for allowing us to serve you and the community. Thanks to Farmer's Insurance Kirkwood Agency for helping us provide this!



After you cool your summer off with FREE ice cream, it’s time to look forward to back-to-school specials. 


Second, who doesn’t love saving money with Tax-Free weekend in Texas!?


Childrens’ back-to-school outfits greatly vary this year - some of us need pajamas and workout clothes while others need a mask, first-day outfit, and clothes. Either way, you can still purchase these items in the store or on-line tax-free during the Texas Sales Tax Holiday August 7-9. During COVID, the Comptroller encourages all taxpayers to support Texas businesses while saving money on tax-free purchases of most clothing, footwear, school supplies, and backpacks during the annual Tax-Free weekend. For more information, visit: the Comptroller Texas website.


You’ve celebrated the end of summer and your kids are clothed with their tax-free deals. However, if back-to-school remotely at home wasn’t exactly what you were hoping the fall would bring, we’ve compiled some helpful tips on making the best of the situation and creating a great and positive learning space in your home.


Third, 3 tips to create a great physical space for remote learning:



1. Create a space conducive for learning and allow your child to help create it. In this space, have all their school items available and ready. Have the kids help organize the items (drawer storage bins work great) and create their own fun labels. If it is a shared space (like the kitchen table), have a way to quickly store supplies away from the table but leave them in that area (for instance, have a laundry basket nearby).


Photo Credit: Alley Hart (Facebook)


If you don’t have a comfortable place or furniture for schooling, check garage sales for desks, kid-sized tables, and chairs.

Photo Credit: Tanya O'Neil


2. The learning space can be personalized in traditional and non-traditional ways. A fun tip is from Martin Realty Group agent, Tanya O’Neil, who has a large screen in her daughter’s learning space. She shared that her daughter has a video lesson a day with her grandparents. “It’s a win-win -- while my in-laws are trapped in quarantine, they get interaction with their granddaughter, and our daughter not only gets time with her grandparents, but she receives a person other than us teaching.”

Photo Credit: Tanya O'Neil


Another suggestion is to decorate the space traditionally, and one decoration idea is with a poster of expectations and rules of remote learning.

Photo Credit: Alley Hart (Facebook)


3. Create an environment similar to school and one that reduces and limits distractions. Having headphones available, and possibly even a headphone station, is a great idea to help your child from hearing environmental distractions.

Photo Credit: Alley Hart (Facebook)



Do you have more ideas to create a productive learning space? We’d love to read them and see pictures! Share them in the comments below, email them to deanna@martinrealtydfw.com along with pictures, or comment with them to our Blog post on our Facebook page!


Don’t let the COVID pandemic get in the way of ending summer and beginning the school year on a great note! Have fun and save money with free ice cream, tax-free shopping, and a learning environment that will benefit both you and your kids.

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